Wednesday, 26 October 2011

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Louis Antoine is a ginger machine (thank god they don't really exist)

Louis Antoine Busting out a backside 50 down a new find in the south! If you're a rail head check this one out!

Tottenham yo!

Took a trip over to the Tottenham Bmx spot the other day with Stevie, Matt, Thunder and Stu! and lets just say what a fucking rad day it was! Such an interesting place to skate with a mixture of transitions to get your mind and feet working at their hardest. The vibe at the spot was awesome with bmxer and skaters uniting as one! a rare occasion nowadays. Only down point was the fruity tooty fashion shoots going on amongst the ramps, certain peoples attitudes and views really need to be corrected.

All in all it was a sick day! Especially having to lug my gear about the busy closed off underground stations! Thanks London! Below is a quick snap of Stevie Busting out a huge Bs Nollie out the slippy graff tranny! Well done chap, keep shredding (apologise for the shiny ramp steeze, didnt realise how reflective it was).


Jake Snelling-Muddy

Autumn days and muddy banks, Jake Snelling's favourite! Really enjoying natural light photos at the moment, it seems the sun is gracing us with perfect conditions to shoot. Watch out for Jakes Fresh Blood soon to appear splattered across the Crossfire website!. Walmart!

Oregon in 8 images

White cliffs of Pevensey Bay