Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Turning an Eye Blind

For along time ive wanted to do something looking into the idea of sight and how much we depend on it. Since i was around the age of 6 ive had to wear glasses every day of my life. Each year my eyesight gets gradually worse where eventually i will no doubt be near blind, not fun. Sight is such a crazy thing, its something that everyone who can see takes for granted! we need to realise how lucky we are. Over the next month i am planning on using willing models to perform everyday what seems to be normal tasks restrict them of their sight and see how well they do while at the same time recording their feelings and how they appear to feel during the experience. Here is the first! I asked a mate of mine Martyn Firth to feel an object i present him with, then to record what he thought he felt on a piece of paper and then seeing the final result. It was interesting to see how much he struggled even finding his place on the paper but at the same time it was interesting to see him still looking down at the paper even tho he could not see. Have a look for yourself below.